Fried Mozzarella Sticks | 8.95

Tasty mozzarella cheese breaded with seasoned bread crumbs, deep-fried & served with a zesty marinara

Pan Seared Ahi-Tuna | 11.95

Sesame encrusted ahi tuna served (rare) finished with a sweet chili pepper sauce, served with Asian coleslaw

Spinach & Artichoke Dip | 9.95

Fresh spinach & artichoke, blended with garlic & cheese topped with pico de gallo & served with toasted pita bread

Panko Crusted Crab Cakes | 11.95

Lump crab meat seasoned & fried, served with tartar & pineapple mango salsa

Rio Grande Rolls | 9.50

Spicy chicken breast, black beans, corn & melted cheese stuffed into a Chinese wonton wrapper, deep-fried & served with an avocado dipping sauce

Fried Calamari | 9.95

Tender calamari batter-dipped & deep fried, seasoned with salt & pepper & served with a zesty marinara dipping sauce

Fu Manchu Dumplings | 9.95

Unlock the secret door to your appetite with these delicious pork filled dumplings served with sesame ginger dipping sauce

Fresh Mozzarella Stacker | 9.95

Fresh mozzarella cheese served with sliced ripe tomatoes & roasted red peppers, drizzled with imported extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar  Gluten free

Spanakopita | 9.95

A spinach & feta cheese blend with fresh herbs filled inside flaky phyllo dough & served with cucumber sauce

Mediterranean Sampler | 9.95

Hummus, baba ghanoush, cucumber sauce, stuffed grape leaves & Kalamata olives, roasted peppers & served with toasted pita bread

Sulu Shrimp Tempura | 11.95

Beam me up Scotty, for these “out of this world” treats! Gulf shrimp dipped in our light tempura batter, deep-fried & served with Asian sesame & sweet chili pepper dipping sauces

Guacamole and Chips | 10.95

Smashed avocado, onion, tomato, chilies, cilantro, fresh lime, served with corn tortilla chips and pico de gallo

Bionic Buffalo Wings or Tenders | 9.75

“Melt down” with our spicy hot buffalo wings & then cool down with a dip into our homemade bleu cheese dressing

Nachos | 9.95

Crispy nacho chips piled high with melted Monterey Jack & cheddar cheeses, scallions, tomatoes, avocado & jalapeno peppers, served with guacamole, salsa & sour cream
with chicken 10.95
with seasoned beef 11.95

Baked Stuffed Clams | 9.95

Stuffed with our own delicious house-made clam stuffing, finished with a garlicky scampi sauce

Planet Appetizer Sampler | 15.95

Buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, fried dumplings, Rio Grande rolls, buffalo bites & onion rings

Onion Ring Tower | 7.95

Sweet Spanish onion sliced & breaded, deep-fried & stacked high, served with marinara & chipotle ranch dipping sauces

BBQ Asian Glazed Ribs | 11.95

Slow cooked & smothered in our BBQ Asian sesame sauce, also available with just BBQ

Warm Garlic Bruschetta | 8.95

Fresh grilled ciabatta bread topped with garlic & butter served with gorgonzola fondue, tomato, basil & salsa

The Lone Ranger Sampler | 13.95

Hi Ho Silver, away! Try our sampler of BBQ baby back ribs, chicken & shrimp, all marinated in our BBQ sauce

Loaded French Fries | 8.95

French fries topped with cheddar jack cheese, bacon, jalapenos, lettuce, tomato, avocados and ranch

Buffalo Bites | 9.50

Tender chicken breast in a spicy buffalo sauce stuffed into wontons with cheese, deep-fried & served with celery sticks & bleu cheese dressing



All of our Quesadillas are prepared with fresh flour tortillas with a chipotle pepper sauce & served with guacamole, salsa & sour cream

Pancho | 8.50

Grilled flour tortilla, stuffed with cheddar & Monterey Jack cheeses, caramelized onion & peppers, served with guacamole, sour cream and salsa
with grilled breast of chicken 10.50

Cajun Shrimp & Fontina Cheese | 12.95

Cajun grilled shrimp, fresh spinach, sundried tomatoes & melted Fontina cheese

Jalapeno Jack & Pulled Pork | 10.95

Pulled pork, jalapeno jack cheese, arugula & caramelized red onions

Roasted Vegetables & Goat Cheese | 10.95

Grilled zucchini, summer squash, portobello, grilled pepper & goat cheese stuffed in a tomato tortilla

Steak & Avocado | 11.95

Grilled steak sliced thin, Monterey Jack & cheddar cheeses, avocado, grilled peppers & onions

Sweet Corn & Black Bean | 10.50

Sweet corn, black beans, avocado, jalapeno jack cheese, arugula & caramelized red onions



Beef Sliders | 8.95

Three mini burgers topped with chopped red onion, lettuce tomato, pickle, American cheese & our own secret sauce

Turkey Burger Sliders | 9.95

Three Turkey burgers on a brioche roll stuffed with fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted red peppers, pesto mayo and balsamic glaze

BBQ Braised Brisket Sliders | 9.95

Tender, braised brisket in a BBQ sauce piled high onto 3 mini brioche rolls, topped with melted Swiss cheese, horseradish sauce & onion strings

Cubano Sliders | 9.95

Slow roasted BBQ pulled pork served on three mini brioche buns with melted Swiss, pickles, ham and chipotle



Lucy’s Fajita | 15.95

Tender chunks of chicken breast grilled with onions & peppers, served sizzling hot with fresh flour tortillas. guacamole, sour cream, shredded cheese, lettuce & salsa

Ricky’s Fajita | 16.95

Choice cut of sirloin grilled with onions and peppers, served sizzling hot with fresh flour tortillas. guacamole, sour cream, shredded cheese, lettuce & salsa



Uncle Charles Onion Soup | 5.50

Treat your “three sons”, your two girls or just yourself to this homemade soup made from sautéed Spanish onions, topped with melted cheese & croutons

Chicken Consomme with Matzo Ball | 4.95

Manhattan Clam Chowder

Cup 2.95
Bowl 4.50

Soup of the Day

Cup 2.95
Bowl 4.50



Served on your choice of white, rye, whole wheat or hard roll
(sourdough or pita 1.00  – multi-grain bread or gluten free bread 1.50)
All sandwiches are served with house-made coleslaw or potato salad & a pickle
All of our cold sandwiches are served with lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise
Add cheese 1.00

Grilled Chicken Breast | 6.95
Baked Virginia Ham | 6.75
Roast Turkey | 6.75
Roast Beef | 6.75
Hot Baked Meatloaf | 5.95

B.L.T. | 5.25
Hot Pastrami | 7.50
Hot Corned Beef | 7.50
Tuna Salad | 6.45
Egg Salad | 5.25

Chicken Salad | 5.75
Fried Filet of Sole | 7.50
Grilled Cheese | 5.25
Grilled Cheese & Bacon or Ham | 6.50
Grilled Cheese with Tomato | 5.95